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Effective Self-defense and Total Body Fitness; At South Shore Martial Arts, Kenpo Karate Center of Halifax, Massachusetts we provide a well rounded total transformation system!

If you are looking for the very best martial arts and self-defense training anywhere in the South Shore area, look no further, because you have found it. This is South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center and we are the very best choice to be made when searching for top-notch instruction and facilities.

At South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center we take pride in providing the highest quality martial arts training to be had. Our classes are conducted in our specially designed studio and taught in a positive and motivating manner that builds self-confidence and teaches respect for others. All of our classes are age and ability appropriate with training provided by a cadre of professionally qualified instructors.

Our ability paced learning system is designed to promote uncomplicated understanding of the techniques used in the martial arts, through challenging and fun-filled classes that offer an all around positive and satisfying experience.

Classes are held in our top-of-the-industry training facilities, specifically designed to promote an optimum training environment and permit multiple activities to be taught simultaneously.

There’s more to us than just kicking and punching

Total body health and cardiovascular fitness are vital in developing your martial arts skills. It’s a simple fact that if your conditioning won’t allow you to catch your breath or you can’t get enough power in your side-kicks to do any damage, all the time in the studio is worthless. Our classes begin with extensive stretching and warm-up exercises to get you loose and ready for work.  Warm-ups focus on muscle conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic exercise which increase stamina, strength, speed and agility.

Practical skills for personal defense

Along with getting you into fantastic physical shape, we are here to train you in practical self-defense skills for use in everyday life. Training for competition and to earn your own Black Belt is great and we will supply you opportunities to test yourself against other students of equal rank, but mostly what you’ll learn at South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center, are the tools you need to defend your family and yourself when those unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

Training the body and the mind

Students train both their minds and their bodies as members of our martial arts family. Through affirmative instruction and personal achievement, our students swiftly develop a self-assured spirit that spills over into their personal and professional lives. Our youth students show improved academic results and disciplinary problems disappear as they learn maturity and the importance of respect for themselves and others.

We’ll open the doors to self-defense

  • Martial Arts Skills – Our Kenpo Karate Program teaches practical defensive tactics intended to quickly increase your ability to defend yourself and others when needed.
  • Striking Skills – Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Program will train you to employ striking skills with your hands, elbows, feet, knees and head in powerful and noteworthy ways.
  • Grappling Skills – Our Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Programs will help you develop your self-defense takedown skills.

Through this time-tested curriculum, the student becomes more self-confident and ready to apply their teachings to every aspect of life. As a big plus, you’ll get into great shape, so really, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

We are here to ensure your success

Our staff at South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center is trained to address your whole-body fitness needs and keep you motivated until you achieve success. Students learn the importance of the physical fitness aspect of the martial arts, along with the traditional values of honor, courtesy and respect for authority.

Come in and see what we can do for you

Becoming a student at South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center is as easy as making a phone call and ask about trying a free class to see if we are right for you. Don’t worry about having to force classes into your day; our class schedules are flexible enough to meet most every schedule. 

For more information about the class offerings at South Shore Martial Arts Kenpo Karate Center, or to schedule a free trial class, call (781) 293-0440 and speak to one of our team members today.

Serving Halifax, Plympton, East Bridgewater, Bridgewater & Hanson.